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Is My Makeup Past Its Prime?

Is My Makeup Past Its Prime?

How long have you been holding on to that perfect shade of peach blush from a company that does not exist any longer? What about the eyeliner that you cannot seem to rid yourself of? Do you have foundations to match every season and multiple tubes of concealers to match? In fact, have you ever […]

Self-Care Strategies for 2018

Self-care strategies

Will 2018 be the year that you finally decide to make the best decisions for your health and well-being? Self-care, according to PsychCentral, is any activity that we deliberately partake in order to take care of our emotional, mental, and physical health. This is something of a buzzword as of late with article upon article […]

Surviving Holiday Parties in Style

Surviving Holiday Parties

Holiday party season is in full swing and it seems like everywhere you turn there is something to tempt you. From family get-togethers to parties and school functions, there’s no end in sight. With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder that most Americans tend to gain additional weight during this time of […]

Beat Post-Thanksgiving Bloat

Beat Post-Thanksgiving Bloat

Are you currently in the throes of post-Thanksgiving regret? According to Calorie Control Council, the average Thanksgiving meal, including drinks and munchies beforehand, can add up to over 4,500 calories…in one sitting. This does not account for the entirety of the holiday weekend which is usually filled with get-togethers complete with savory foods and juicy […]

The Power of Pumpkin

The Power of Pumpkin

Fall is definitely in the air; can you feel it? Well, perhaps the temps in Melbourne, FL haven’t changed significantly in spite of the season but surely, you’ve noticed fall’s signature spice: pumpkin! Everywhere you look it is pumpkin everything. From lattes and décor to specialty scones and tasty pumpkin flavored treats, the season’s signature […]

Fun Ways to Up Your Water Intake

Up your water intake

Everyone knows drinking enough water is important; we’ve even talked about it here. While there is no specific amount of water that is recommended for everyone, there are guidelines. We’ve all heard that we should drink about eight 8-ounce glasses of H20 daily to be properly hydrated, but let’s be honest here. All that plain […]

Cook at Home for Better Health

Cook at home for better health

Fountain of You is Brevard County’s premier anti-aging and aesthetic clinic. We strive to provide our clientele with the best care available. Dr. Kim Zipper is Fellowship Trained in Anti-Aging Medicine and a member of the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine amongst others. Dr. Zipper’s mission is to teach each […]

The Power of Water

The Power of Water

Proper hydration is critical for your overall health. It helps make sure that your systems are working properly. It replenishes water loss from skin, breath, urine, and stools. Sixty percent of our weight is from water as well. This miracle elixir sustains us and helps keep our bodies in sync, so why is it that […]

Day Spa vs Medical Spa: What’s the Difference?

Day Spa vs Medical Spa

Skin care has developed dramatically in the last decades and now highly sought after treatments are available to everyone. If you have ever done a quick search for a spa in your area that can meet your skin care needs, you know there are no shortage of locations and services available. One thing that may […]

April & May 2024


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Hormone Health & Review
Labs, InBody Scan and Review
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Turn That Frown Upside Down 🙃
Lower Face Filler Special
Lips, Nasolabial Folds & Marionette Lines
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Medically Supervised Semaglutide/Trizepitide
Weight Loss Program
1 month – $650.00
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Get Your Face Tight & Bright for Summer ☀️
Morpheus 8 RF Microneedling & Cool Peel Laser Face Treatment
Single Session – $1199
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Treat Yourself
Facial Rejuvenation & Wrinkle Reduction
Dermaplaning & Diamond Glow Facial with one area of Botox
$145 savings
Also may be purchased as a gift card – perfect Mother's Day gift.
Call 321-574-5376 to book or schedule online.
Specials Valid 4/1/24 thru 5/31/24 and may not be banked
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