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Beat Post-Thanksgiving Bloat

Beat Post-Thanksgiving Bloat

Are you currently in the throes of post-Thanksgiving regret? According to Calorie Control Council, the average Thanksgiving meal, including drinks and munchies beforehand, can add up to over 4,500 calories…in one sitting. This does not account for the entirety of the holiday weekend which is usually filled with get-togethers complete with savory foods and juicy cocktails.

If you are like most, you probably over-indulged during this time, and we are here to tell you it’s okay! One cheat meal, even a few in a row, won’t derail your diet and fitness routine if you get back on track and continue to be mindful over the entire holiday season. Fountain of You, Brevard’s premier anti-aging and aesthetic clinic, know that this time of year can be stressful, especially if you are trying your best to eat well and stay active. We want to see our clients thrive over the holidays. If you are one of the many who ate too much, here are some great tips to help reduce bloating and get you back on track.

Here’s the deal, we have all eaten too much at one time or another. It’s called being human. However, many people use overdoing it as an excuse to keep doing so. This doesn’t have to be you. If you ate enough sweet potato pie over Thanksgiving to fuel an Ironman, don’t let it cause you to keep moving in a downward pattern. Stop the madness! Rather, put your fork down and stop once you realize what you have done. Eat This Not That recommends taking a brief walk post-meal to help you clear your head and refocus.

Next up, begin planning a course of action. Starving yourself or trying to burn off those extra calories will get you nowhere. Instead, plan your next few meals and keep moving like normal. There is no benefit to restricting and punishing yourself. Make sure you get back into the groove of exercise and proper nutrition and, for goodness sake, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t get caught up in a vicious cycle of self-punishment.

You will probably feel bloated after your feasting extravaganza and this is totally normal. To combat the bloat, be sure that you are drinking enough water. Staying hydrated and incorporating water-rich foods will help your body decrease bloat by flushing water out at the cellular level. You will also want to avoid indulging in salty foods and alcohol and be sure to include foods high in potassium to help you beat the bloat.

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