Melbourne, FL

Medical Facial

Medical Facial

Express Facial

(30 minutes) an exfoliating cleansing scrub followed by a hydrating mask.

Just for Teens” Facial

(30 minutes)A deep cleanse with maximum pore extraction to help with those hormonal breakouts.

Anti-Aging Facial

(60 minutes) A no-fluff deep cleansing facial with maximum pore extraction. A stimulating collagen building massage followed by a TNS hydrating mask.

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September 2022


Dermaplaning with a "SPLASH" of Vitamin C
Includes an Obagi Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Polish w/ a Soothing Vitamin C Serum
a $50 Savings
Purchase 2 Syringes of Any HA filler and Receive
Prices beginning at $599 per syringe
Double points w/ Alle when you purchase 2 or more syringes of HA filler thru September 30th
$75 Off
a $50 Savings
PRP for Facial Rejuvenation
3 Sessions for $1300
a $150 Savings
PRP for Hair Restoration
3 Sessions for $1800
a $150 Savings
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