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Is My Makeup Past Its Prime?

Is My Makeup Past Its Prime?

How long have you been holding on to that perfect shade of peach blush from a company that does not exist any longer? What about the eyeliner that you cannot seem to rid yourself of? Do you have foundations to match every season and multiple tubes of concealers to match? In fact, have you ever stopped to consider just how long your cosmetics actually last? One thing that may surprise you is that the FDA does not provide guidelines on the expiration dates of cosmetic products. Because your favorite mascara, unlike your favorite packaged salad blend, does not come with a shelf life expectancy date, you could be using it far longer than you should be.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. The substances you apply to your body such as makeup, skin care, toiletries items, and fragrances matter just as much as the items you put into your body. Chances are some of the makeup items you used this morning are past their intended shelf life. Have you ever wondered how long you can safely use your makeup products? Here are some guidelines that professionals go by.

Powdered Items

Facial items such as powdered blush and bronzers along with facial setting powders and the like have a shelf life of up to two years provided they are not damaged or broken in any way. If you want to up your chances of extending life, be sure to close lids and caps tightly to prevent drying out and damaging the products. If you break a top or container, go ahead and rid yourself of the product.

You may be wondering why powdered eyeshadows are not on the list. The reason for this is there is not a general consensus. Some experts believe they are good up to 2 years while others think you should toss powered shadows that have been open for more than 6 months.

Liquid Foundation and Concealers

There seems to be some discrepancy in opinions on the lifespan of liquid makeups as well. Some experts believe that you should replace liquid concealers and foundations between 8 and 12 months while others think that you can get a full year’s usage out of them. Because many liquid foundations are water-based, they can be breeding grounds for bacteria. You just need to use some extra caution and if you notice an odor or clumping, toss the product.

Lipstick, Eyeliner, and Glosses

There is good news here, most experts agree you can hold on to these items for up to a year provided you do not see any changes in texture or odor. You know the drill, if you do notice a change, get rid of it.


3 months and it’s time to switch it out no exceptions!

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