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Ways to Prevent Facial Aging

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Aging is something we all succumb to as each day passes.  In fact, we age with each second that passes!  Don’t let that send you into a fit, though.  There are certainly ways that we can fend off the aging process as much as is humanly possible.  The area that most of us are probably most concerned with is our face. While all areas of our body will show signs of aging, our face is out for the world to see twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year!  Our arms and legs might get covered in the winter, but not our faces!  They don’t get a break.

In Florida, it is especially challenging to fend off the signs of aging because of the extreme sun exposure we get here.  Don’t think a move to Antarctica will preserve you though!  Cold weather is hard on the skin too.

Use Sunscreen Every Day

One of the most important and easiest ways you can prevent facial aging is by using sunscreen on a daily basis.  This should be applied to any area of your body that is exposed, including hands and feet.  Not only does it help protect your skin from showing signs of aging, but it also protects you, more importantly, from damage caused by the sun which could lead to skin cancer.

Try to choose a sunscreen that is as natural as possible while still being effective.  The less harmful chemicals you put on your body, the better.  However, it does need to actually protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Natural is great, but effective is essential!

Strive for a Healthy Lifestyle

Other things that can help protect your skin from the effects of aging are things that are good for your overall health, as well.  Drinking plenty of water, regular exercise, and not smoking or drinking too much alcohol are all good for your skin as well as your health.  Smoking can cause many small lines around your mouth which make you look older and for women, cause your lipstick to bleed – not a good look.  Drinking alcohol in excess can also really take a toll on your skin.  We have all seen those people that we think, “Man, they look like they’ve had it rough.”  Well, not necessarily.  They may be very successful in both their career and family, yet battle addiction.  It takes its toll both physically and emotionally.

Be Gentle with Your Skin

Another simple way to take good care of your skin is by treating it gently. When you wash your face, use upward strokes.  You don’t want to pull down on your skin, encouraging it to sag.  Be especially gentle around your eyes as that skin is quite thin and prone to aging.

Signs of aging are inevitable.  We aren’t going to look twenty when we’re eighty!  But, following the above recommendations should help.  If you are already experiencing signs of aging and would like to reduce those signs or are trying to prevent them as much as possible, then you should give us a call!

Consider Anti-Aging Treatments

Fountain of You is a medical spa located in Melbourne, FL.  We specialize in anti-aging and aesthetic services.  We offer facials, chemical peels, fillers, and Botox.  We can help ward off the appearance of aging and can even help reduce the signs of aging that have already begun to appear.  We also frequently run specials during the holidays, so be sure to call us today to book your appointment!

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