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Warding Off Holiday Weight Gain

Warding off Holiday Weight

The holiday party season has arrived! If you are like most, your social calendar is full of parties and festivities. Everywhere you look there are goodies and treats to delight your taste buds. With all the tempting food and drink, it can be difficult to keep your diet in check. Christmas parties are synonymous with excess when it comes to array of sweet and savory delights everywhere you turn. If you are not careful, all the indulging can stick with you long after the Christmas tree is down and the decorations are put away. At Fountain of You, Brevard County’s premiere boutique anti-aging center, we offer the latest in aesthetic services as well as a full array of anti-aging services including nutrition and fitness counseling and more. We want you to enjoy all your holiday parties and make it through the season sensibly.

First and foremost, take a deep breath and know you can survive the holiday feasts while keeping your health, and waistline, in check. The Cleveland Clinic has several helpful suggestions for preventing holiday weight gain. For starters, keep moving. Aim to get in exercise of some sort each day. The simple act of walking can be enough to ward off weight gain and can help keep you mentally grounded and prepared for the holiday madness.

It is always wise to remember that there will always be an opportunity to treat yourself. You do not have to squeeze in every tasty morsel at each soirée you attend. When you do load up your plate, WebMd suggests choosing the smallest plate possible and keeping it light. Choose only the foods that you absolutely love and never arrive to a party hungry. Having a light dinner or snack with protein and healthy fat will help you feel and stay full. Upon arrival, be sure to spend time socializing before diving in, and liming alcohol. This does not mean that you cannot have a festive cocktail or two, just remember that the more you drink the more your inhibitions, and willpower, tend to take a dive.

Many of us tend to focus on all the food during this time of year. While there are foods that only make their appearance during the holidays, dining does not have to be the focus of your gatherings. There are also things you can associate with the season. Make an effort to make the holidays about more than just food and some of the pressure of the festivities can be relieved. Taking time to socialize and enjoy those around you will make the celebration even sweeter!

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to be in the best health of your life, please contact Fountain of You. We can create the perfect anti-aging package complete with nutrition counseling to get you feeling the best you have in years.

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