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Micro Needling at Fountain of You

Micro Needling: Aesthetic Services

On the quest for firmer, youthful skin, there are a multitude of options. From chemical peels and prescription creams to fillers and more invasive procedures like surgery, you have many choices depending on your needs and desires. Fountain of You offers the absolute best in skin care and anti-aging services and we are excited about assisting you on your journey to the wellness and confidence. One of the tremendous services we offer at Fountain of You is Micro Needling. This procedure can work for skin issues like stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, and so much more. Let’s take a closer look.

Utilizing needles to induce skin changes has perhaps been in existence for hundreds of years. The idea of using needles to lightly fracture the skin to induce collagen production could even have been a part of health practices of the ancient Chinese and Egyptians. The needling procedure creates a response by the immune system and, in turn, allows for more collagen production. From the time of the ancients, the power of needles has been put into practice by health practitioners.

The power of Micro Needling was noticed by Dr. Andre Camirand who was treating patients with severe scaring. After tattooing the skin in order to hide the scars, he noticed that within a year or two the pigment tattooed into the skin had disappeared, leaving being replacement melanin, and skin that was smoother and in vastly better condition than before. He began to theorize that it was not the pigment that changed the skin but rather the needles and their effects on the skin. It was this discovery that ushered in the use of Micro Needling in modern aesthetic treatments.

Fountain of You uses the revolutionary Dermapen 3 to incite profound change to your skin. This minimally invasive treatment is great for those who want to see improvements in their skin without the recovery time that procedures like laser treatments call for. This handheld device allows for 1300 micro punctures every second to pierce the skin. After this, your body’s natural ability to heal itself takes over and the production of collagen and elastin ensues leaving you with rejuvenated skin after the healing process is complete. If you are interested in finding the best anti-aging services to fit your goals, contact us today.

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