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Hair Thinning? Fight Back with PRP Treatment for Hair Growth!

Do you have a clump of loose hair in your hand after washing your hair?  Do you notice hair in the sink after brushing your hair?  If you are alarmed by the amount of hair you are losing, you are not alone.  Millions of Americans experience hair loss, some in their 20s and 30s.  You don’t have to take thinning hair and hair loss lying down.  You can fight back with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) to combat hair loss.

PRP is an effective way to combat hair loss in both men and women.  It is a safe tool to promote hair growth.  It is not particularly painful or costly considering the benefits.  If you suffer from hair thinning or hair loss, PRP may be an excellent treatment to restore your lost hair.

There are shampoos, topical applications, and sprays designed to make your hair look thicker, but are any of these actually effective?  Are you tired of trying gimmicks with no results?  This article will discuss PRP for hair growth.  It will explain the procedure and what to expect, and you may discover some interesting surprises along the way.

First Things First, What is PRP?

PRP is the abbreviation for Platelet-Rich Plasma.  Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood.  Platelets are small cell fragments within your blood.  Platelets are responsible for regenerating tissues and cells, promoting collagen growth, and providing nutrients.  For any PRP treatment, whether used to fight signs of aging like wrinkles or to combat hair loss, the PRP is taken by a blood draw from your own body.  The blood is then put into a machine that separates the platelets.  Once separated, they are mixed with a small amount of your blood.  This PRP mixture is then injected into the target area.  In the case of hair loss, the target area is your scalp.  The purpose is to stimulate hair growth.

How Often Do I Need to Get PRP Treatments?

When you first begin PRP Treatments, you will get them more frequently, usually every few weeks.  Eventually, you will receive them every 4-6 months.  Everyone is unique and will have a different response to the treatment, so the number of treatments and frequency will vary.  The doctor administering the PRP Treatment will determine if you are a good candidate.  If you are completely bald and have been so for years, they will probably recommend not to do it.  The earlier you address hair thinning/loss, the better.

Does It Hurt?

The needle used to inject PRP is very small, but you will likely feel it.  It has been described as feeling like a bee sting.  You will have multiple injections, so bear that in mind.  Only you know your pain tolerance, but it is not considered to be a particularly painful procedure.  If you are deathly afraid of needles, it may not be the best choice.  Others should be fine.

Who Is Getting PRP Treatments?

Brevard County’s own Daniel Tosh has been receiving PRP Treatments.  He is known for his Comedy Central show, “Tosh.O” and his podcast, “Tosh Show” on YouTube and Apple Podcasts.  He has also toured as a comedian.  He recently began undergoing PRP Treatments for thinning hair and talks about it openly on his podcast.  He also shared a video of one of his treatments on YouTube.  If you are curious about what a treatment is like, check out his video!  He handles the PRP treatment very well, is calm throughout, and adds a little humor, as well!

How Much Do Treatments Cost?

You may be worried about cost.  After all, Daniel Tosh is a celebrity.  Of course, he can afford it, right?  But, PRP Treatment is available for everyone, not just the rich and famous!  PRP Treatment is available at Fountain of You, with offices in Melbourne FL, and Merritt Island FL.  What will you pay for a PRP treatment for hair loss at Fountain of You?  A treatment with us is only $650!  That’s not out of reach, not crazy Hollywood prices!  That’s attainable, and so is hair growth!

Benefits of PRP Treatments

  • Effective for both men and women
  • Not particularly painful
  • Cost-effective
  • Natural – Because the PRP comes from your own blood, it is safe. It is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction or to have any negative effects.

Should You Combine PRP with Microneedling? 

At Fountain of You, we do offer microneedling, and it can be combined with your PRP Treatments if you wish.  Microneedling includes the use of a handheld machine that makes multiple tiny holes in your skin.  By combining this with your PRP Treatment, it can make the treatment more effective.

PRP Treatments at Fountain of You 

Hair thinning and hair loss can be a very personal and distressing occurrence.  That’s why Fountain of You offers PRP Treatments to our clients.  We want you to feel your best in every way.  If you have noticed thinning hair or hair loss, then PRP Treatments may be an excellent choice for you.  Using platelet-rich plasma from your own blood, your hair follicles will be stimulated to produce hair once again.  While you will feel the injections, they are not unbearable.  (Just watch Tosh’s video!)  The number of treatments needed will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  In just a matter of months, you may see a noticeable difference in the thickness of your hair!  If that appeals to you, then please stop delaying!  Reach out today to begin the battle against thinning hair!

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