Is It Time for A Clean Start?


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We are a few months into the new year now.  New years always seem to inspire clean starts, don’t they?  Something about a new year makes us feel like anything is possible, that we can achieve that which was formerly unattainable.  This is a positive thing!  It is a great mindset and can urge us to truly reach new goals.  For many of you, weight loss was a part of your clean start for the new year.  Maybe you are doing awesome with your weight loss goals and are pleased with your newfound dedication and determination.  Good for you!


Clean Start Weight Loss Program

If, however, you are finding your weight loss journey to be different or more difficult than you anticipated, maybe you really should consider a Clean Start.  Wait…why is “Clean Start” capitalized in that last sentence, you might be wondering?  It’s because your clean start can actually begin with “Clean Start!”  It is a newer weight loss program.  If you haven’t heard of it, then keep reading because it may be just the type of program for which you have been looking.


How Long Does It Take?

Clean Start is a weight loss program that is done under the supervision of a medical professional.  That is different from most weight loss programs which tend to be “do it yourself” programs.  This program is designed to “reset” your metabolism and target the loss of fat, not muscle.  The length of the program is generally between 23 and 43 days.  This program DOES include hCG and lipotropic injections; therefore, it must be done with medical supervision.


How Much Weight Could You Lose?

The Clean Start Program is a rapid weight loss program in which you may see a weight loss of ½ to 1 pound PER DAY while on the program.  If you have more weight to lose, then you may go through the program again for additional weight loss.  The program is designed to fit your individual needs.  It is not a “one size fits all” program.  It does not include pre-packaged food.  You will receive instructions as to what foods you can eat, as well as the quantity/serving size allowed.


Med Spa in Melbourne, FL

If you are interested in the Clean Start hCG weight loss program, then please give us a call today at Fountain of You!  Schedule a free consultation with our nurse to see if you’re a good candidate for the six-week program.  You may reach your entire weight loss goal in just six weeks, not months!  That is exciting!


If you were hoping to get a clean start in the new year and re-discover the old you or maybe uncover the you that has never been seen, now is the time, 2020 is the year, Clean Start is the program, and Fountain of You in Melbourne is the place!  We offer a variety of services ranging from Juvederm to Botox to medical marijuana prescriptions.  Please give us a call today for your free consultation.  We can’t wait to go on this rapid weight loss journey with you and watch you transform right before our eyes!

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