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Combating the Effects of Aging with the Glytone Jessner Medical Peel

Woman with dark spots and hyperpigmentation, Glytone Jessner Medical Peel

As you age, you may have noticed that your skin is changing. Your skin once looked supple with few lines or wrinkles. You may have once had even skin tone, and now have dark splotches on your face. You may be wondering where this aged skin came from, how it ended up on your body, and can you rid yourself of age spots

It Sneaks Up on You 

Aging does feel like something that sneaks up on you. None of us wake up on our 40th birthday and say, “Oh wow…I’m older. I have more wrinkles today than yesterday. And look at the hyperpigmentation on my face!” It doesn’t happen that way. Aging appears gradually over time. It isn’t a noticeable change from one day to the next, but rather more like changes that are prominent year to year.

Why does our skin change? Why can’t our skin be as soft and wrinkle-free at fifty as it was at twenty? The biological fact is that our skin loses collagen as we age. An article from Scientific American addresses this exact issue. From this article, we learn that after the age of twenty, our skin loses approximately one percent of collagen per year, causing our skin to become thinner and more fragile. So, on that 40th birthday, you have about twenty percent less collagen in your skin than you had at twenty, which goes a long way towards explaining those wrinkles!

Hyperpigmentation on Your Face

Hyperpigmentation is a fancy name for dark splotches on your skin, particularly on your face. Melanin provides the pigmentation for our skin. As we age, the production of melanin becomes dysregulated, which causes darker skin or hyperpigmentation. When this occurs on your face, it can be somewhat bothersome.

Glytone Jessner Medical Peel

At Fountain of You, we offer an alternative to accepting facial hyperpigmentation. It is called the Glytone Jessner Medical Peel. This peel can significantly reduce hyperpigmentation. Check out the wonderful before and after picture of its effectiveness on the company’s website. It will also help your skin appear brighter and more youthful. If those dark splotches have been bothering you, now is the time to get rid of them. You don’t have to accept aging gracefully. It’s ok to want to combat your skin’s aging, and we can help you do it safely and effectively.

Helping You Look Young Again 

Fountain of You is a boutique-style, anti-aging medical center located in Melbourne, Florida. We offer a wide variety of anti-aging services, including botox, fillers, and our incredible peels, like the Glytone Jessner Medical Peel. You will leave our office looking and feeling younger. We focus on your whole body and mind to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

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