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Why Do My Hands Look Ten Years Older Than I Am?

Why Do My Hands Look Ten Years Older Than I Am?

If your hands don’t look older than you are, you have probably seen people with these aged-looking hands.  You look at their hands, you look at their face, and then you wonder which one is telling their real age?  Have they had botox to look younger?  Or, are there hands just aging faster than the rest of them somehow? It is confusing when we see contradictory features like this in ourselves or others.  Our brains try to make sense of the information, and it is perplexing to us when we can’t fit the pieces together.

Maybe this is you.  Maybe you look at your hands and wonder why they appear to be aging faster than the rest of you.  For some of you, this might not bother you at all.  We all use our hands a lot, but some people have to use them at work in a way that makes them visible to a lot of people during the day, making them feel even more self-conscious than another person with the same issue.

Skipping Sunscreen

Our hands often look older than our faces for a couple of pretty simple reasons.  If you experience a lot of sun exposure in your life (if you live in Florida, we know you do!), your skin will show signs of aging faster than people who don’t have as much sun exposure.  Additionally, we all learn from a young age, particularly living in Florida, that you should wear sunscreen.  Ideally, you should wear it regularly, not just when you go to the beach.  You should wear it every day.  Even if this has been your practice, ask yourself if you applied your daily sunscreen (or even beach-only sunscreen) to the backs of your hands.  Most of us don’t!  We don’t even think about protecting our poor hands – the appendages we use so many times in a day!

Using Harsh Cleaners

Besides sun exposure, our hands also take a beating from repeated washing which can cause dry skin.  Don’t get us wrong – washing your hands is a very important practice.  Keep doing it!  Just don’t forget to moisturize your hands daily to make up for all the washing.  Some professions, such as doctors, dentists, and veterinarians, require an extreme amount of handwashing in a day.  In other professions, such as car mechanics or construction work, you may not wash your hands until the end of the workday, but you have to use harsh cleaners to remove grease, paint, etc.  If you are in any profession that requires you to wash your hands excessively, be extra kind to your hands and provide them with extra moisturizing.

The Solution – Radiesse

The great news in all of this is that even if your hands have started looking aged – dry and cracked (from washing), spots and wrinkles (from sun exposure), we can help you!  At Fountain of You, we offer Radiesse. Radiesse is the first and only FDA-approved filler to treat volume loss in the back of your hands.  This is what causes your hands to look bony and makes it appear that your veins are protruding.  It is simply a part of aging, but it doesn’t have to be!  Our Radiesse treatment is injected into your hands.  It is mixed with lidocaine to reduce pain.  The results are immediate and last approximately one year!  If you want your hands to stop giving you an aged appearance, then please call our premier Melbourne, FL medical spa today for your free Radiesse consultation!  We offer a variety of aesthetic and anti-aging services like facials, lip fillers, botox, and Juvederm. We look forward to helping you look and feel younger.

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