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What Facial Should I Get for the Holidays?

Facial Peel & Dermaplaning Combo

There is a new breed of facials available that you will want to try this holiday season!  There are two types of facials, in particular, that we believe will catch your attention.  This article is going to introduce you to these two new facials offered by us.  If you are interested in your face being as merry and bright as the holidays, then one of these facials is definitely for you! 

The two types of facials we recommend for the holiday season are Diamond Glow and Oxygeneo.  They each take a unique approach to facials providing a deeper treatment and longer-lasting glow.  You have never felt more beautiful for the holidays than you will after one of these facials.

The holidays are a stressful time.  You may even be experiencing a facial “breakout” due to stress, the busyness of the season, and the lack of time to truly take care of your skin.  Basic facials include exfoliating, extraction, and moisturizing.  They feel relaxing and your face feels fresh and clean upon completion. Diamond Glow and Oxygeneo facials, both offered at Fountain of You med spa,  take facials to a whole new level, literally!

Diamond Glow Facials

The first facial that we are recommending this holiday season is the Diamond Glow facial.  Doesn’t the name alone make you feel seasonally sparkly?  Diamond Glow facials are performed using a wand that actually has a recessed diamond tip.  In one simple step, this amazing tool exfoliates, extracts, and infuses.

It exfoliates at a deeper level than a regular, run-of-the-mill facial, essentially “resurfacing” your skin with fresh, unblemished skin.  It extracts which cleanses your pores deep down to remove debris that causes breakouts and gives your skin a dull appearance. It also infuses your skin with Skin Medica Pro-Infusion Serums.  Your serum will be chosen for you specifically based on your skin’s needs.  So, this is a truly specialized facial designed for you!

Diamond Glow facials improve dryness, fine lines, radiance, and roughness.  You will notice immediate results AND continued results over the next 72 hours!  Unlike regular facials that don’t leave long-lasting results, Diamond Glow facials get better with time – remarkable!

Oxygeneo Facials

The second facial that we are recommending this holiday season is the Oxygeneo facial.  As you may have guessed from the name, Oxygeneo facials focus on the oxygen flow to your facial skin.  An Oxygeneo facial exfoliates, oxygenates, and nourishes.

As with the Diamond Glow facial, the Oxygeneo facial uses a wand, as well, although it is not diamond-tipped.  The Oxygeneo facial touts its ability to initiate the Bohr effect.  Essentially, the wand causes an increase in carbon dioxide that permeates the upper levels of the skin, in turn increasing oxygen in the blood which the body sends to the skin to replace the carbon dioxide.  It is a natural process with positive benefits for your skin.  Your skin is also nourished using one of five specific serum treatments to meet your skin’s specific needs.

Oxygeneo facials improve wrinkles, hydration, and pigmentation among other benefits.  You will notice immediate results that last, giving you a beautiful, bright appearance!

With these two facials available to you, you will have no problem gaining that merry and bright appearance that you desire.  While they both use wands and serums, they also have their unique differences to provide an original facial experience and obtain the desired results for your particular skin needs.

Fountain of You offers both Diamond Glow and Oxygeneo Facials for Your Holiday Sparkle

Fountain of You has two locations – Melbourne and Merritt Island.  We were excited to open our second location as it gives us more opportunities to serve our amazing clients.  With Dr. Kim Zipper, nurse practitioners, and highly trained estheticians, Fountain of You is the premier place in Brevard County to receive all your anti-aging treatments.  After visiting our beautiful offices and meeting our incredible staff, we believe that your holiday facial will only be the beginning of our relationship with you!  

We love getting to know our clients and personalizing their anti-aging treatments.  If you can’t decide between the Diamond Glow or Oxygeneo facials, then let us help you decide.  It is not just our job to guide you and help you have the best experience possible at Fountain of You, it brings us joy – that kind that lasts all year round!  We look forward to becoming a part of your anti-aging journey!

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