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The Benefits of Chemical Peels and Botox

According to the latest CivicScience data, 8% of U.S. adults have tried non-invasive cosmetic treatments, such as botox injections, dermal fillers, and enzyme peels (excluding those unaware of these treatments).  Have you ever considered Botox?  Or maybe you have already had a Botox treatment.  Chemical peels and Botox are two methods of keeping your skin looking refreshed and young.  This article will look at these two treatments separately,  as well as discuss the benefits of combining them.  It’s time to learn about chemical peels and Botox and what they can do for you!

Chemical peels rejuvenate your skin.  They reduce the appearance of fine lines and uneven pigmentation.  Botox dramatically improves the appearance of wrinkles causing you to look younger.  Together, chemical peels and Botox injections are a powerful weapon in fighting the signs of aging.

Aesthetic services such as chemical peels and Botox injections are an excellent way to combat the inevitable signs of aging.  Fountain of You is a boutique med spa, with locations in Melbourne,  FL, and Merritt Island, FL, that provides these services and more!  Let’s explore the benefits of chemical peels and Botox a little more!

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels eliminate the top layers of skin to reveal beautiful, fresh skin.  They peel away layers that are dull, dirty, and damaged.  With the high UV Index in Florida, it is very easy for your skin to sustain sun damage.  With our TCA chemical peels, we can adjust the chemicals to individualize the peel.  We can make it shallow, medium, or deep depending on your skin’s unique needs.  Chemical peels can improve and treat the following skin issues:

  • Fine lines
  • Sun damage
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Clogged pores

The benefits of this amazing peel are evident after the skin peels and the results are revealed after just a few days. Your skin will appear younger and firmer.  It will have a more even pigmentation and texture.  The youthful glow you thought was gone will be restored!


Botox is an injectable that relaxes your muscles, reducing or even eliminating the appearance of wrinkles.  It is almost impossible to avoid wrinkles.  Squinting, smiling, scowling, and the sun all cause wrinkles and lines.  In other words, life.  Life causes wrinkles.  But, you don’t have to accept this as a permanent fact.  There is something you can do about it!  Botox can be used to treat:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead creases
  • Frown lines
  • Lip lines
  • Underarm sweating

Botox can also be used to give the appearance of having a brow lift.  When Botox is used to lift the brows and open the eyes, it makes your eyes look more youthful which helps give you a more youthful appearance overall.  Botox takes 1-3 days to take effect.  Within a week, you will have a more relaxed look, so you don’t need to worry about looking too “frozen.”  There are multiple benefits to Botox. A Botox treatment only takes about 15 minutes. There is no down time. And, the results last up to 4 months.  If you have more questions about Botox, check out our previous blog, “What Is Botox? All of Your Questions Answered.”

What Are the Benefits of Combining Chemical Peels and Botox?

People often choose to combine aesthetic treatments.  Combining chemical peels and Botox is very popular.  Doctors recommend getting the chemical peel prior to the Botox treatment.  Having the chemical peel after Botox may give you undesirable results.  Some people may be able to handle both the peel and the Botox injections on the same day.  It depends on your skin’s sensitivity and your pain threshold, although neither treatment is considered “painful.”

By combining these treatments, you are getting the most out of both of them.  With the removal of dull, damaged skin from the chemical peel, you obtain a youthful glow which is only enhanced by the Botox treatment.  With relaxed muscles, your wrinkles and lines are minimized.  So, combining the peel and Botox, you will have beautiful, glowing skin with minimal wrinkles!


Chemical peels are a great way to cleanse your face while peeling away the top layers of dull, damaged skin.  This reveals fresh, beautiful, youthful-looking skin.  Chemical peels are a great way to treat fine lines and skin issues like acne scars and uneven pigmentation.  Botox is a muscle-relaxing injection that is used to treat wrinkles.  It can also treat troublesome lines, such as those referred to as crow’s feet near your eyes and frown lines near your mouth.  Combined, chemical peels and Botox help you achieve the youthful glow and wrinkle-free look that you wish to achieve.

Fountain of You is the perfect place to get your aesthetic treatments.  Dr. Kim Zipper, APRN Bonney McGone, and Sarah Gash are all diamond-level injectors, performing over 2000 injections yearly.  When getting Botox, you want someone with this type of experience.  They will know the right locations to inject to achieve the desired results, as well as knowing how many vials of Botox will be needed to achieve that look.  Fountain of You is offering Botox for $9/unit, a $2/unit savings (with a 20-unit minimum),  for the month of October.  If you are ready to love what you see in the mirror, then give us a call or make an appointment online today!

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