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The Benefits of Bathing

The Benefits of Bathing

Perhaps you have heard or read about all the buzz surrounding the stars of the new Beauty and the Beast. From press junkets to interviews, they are all spilling their secrets. One of the stars in particular, Emma Watson, has been dishing about one of her favorite past times: taking a good old fashioned bath. In an interview, she states that she sometimes takes up to 3 baths a day. This may sound excessive and it got us to wondering, is taking a bath actually a good thing for you? Can soaking in a warm tub do more for you than simply wash away the day? Fountain of You servicing Melbourne, FL and all of the Space Coast is in the business of magnificent self-care and anti-aging treatments, and we wanted to know more. Turns out, taking baths is a great thing for you. Here’s why.

Aside from the calming effects that a soak in the tub can bring, there is evidence that those suffering from anxiety can benefit from indulging in a bath to help alleviate their symptoms. According to a fascinating article in Psychology Today, water therapy has been shown to lessen hormones related to stress. Cortisol levels, for example, were seen to drop after a bathing session. Not only that, but the neurotransmitter serotonin, associated with good moods, was elevated after bathing. What a great reason to take a soak! You can rinse off the residue of the day and feel better at the same time. Prevention Magazine noted a study showing that patients suffering from anxiety who took a warm bath every day for 8 weeks benefited more from this than a prescription medication for their conditions.

Prevention Magazine also touts the health benefits of bathing. For patients suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis, oatmeal baths have proven to be an excellent remedy. By adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to their bath and soaking around 10 minutes, many patients found relief. Warm baths are great for loosening congestion and your brain will benefit from a good soak too if you add certain essential oils.

The benefits of a nightly routine to encourage restful sleep have also been proven. If you include a bath in your nightly ritual, you could maximize your rest time. Warm baths raise your core temperature and when you settle down into cool sheets your body is triggered to begin producing melatonin. By raising your body’s temperature and then cooling off in your bed, you are only alerting your body that is time for sleep, hopefully a full night’s worth.

Whatever your reasons for bathing, know that your body will benefit from a good bath and the relaxation it provides. Sleep and positive mental health are both incredibly important for your health, well-being, and physical appearance. You can’t go wrong with a lovely tub session daily.

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