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Sculptra Injections Are an Anti-Aging Wonder

Sculptra Injections at Fountain of You Medical Spa

Sculptra injections are facial injectable fillers used to combat the appearance of aging.  It is unique in comparison to other injectables and may be a great option for you if you are ready to combat that dreaded word – AGE!

What Is Unique About Sculptra Injections?


Other injectables are “fillers” that fill in the creases and wrinkles, but they don’t actually replace the collagen that we naturally lose due to aging. With replaced collagen, our skin will look younger on its own, without having to continually get fillers.


Unlike fillers which require repeated treatments every few months, results from Sculptra can last up to two years! After that, it is recommended to get another treatment as your body will continue to lose collagen.  Treatments every year or two will allow you to maintain the proper level of collagen to maintain the youthful appearance that you desire.


Sculptra is FDA-approved. While synthetic, it is also biocompatible and biodegradable.  It is gradually and naturally absorbed by your body, rebuilding your lost collagen.

3 Things You Should Know About Sculptra Injections

  1. Sculptra is designed for people with healthy immune systems.
  2. Sculptra consists of up to four injection sessions, scheduled approximately three weeks apart.
  3. The replenished collagen you gain from Sculptra will help increase facial volume which leads to a younger appearance.

Is Sculptra Right for Me?

Opinions differ on when exactly we start losing collagen.  Some sources say it begins around age 30 while others say it can begin as early as our late teens.  So, unless you are a child, Sculptra is right for you!

Did you know that the sun’s UV rays are a cause of collagen depletion?  Here in the Sunshine State, we get more than our fair share of the sun.  If you are noticing wrinkles or creases on your face or your chest (referred to as your decolletage area), then you may be experiencing collagen depletion from sun exposure.  Sculptra is right for you!

If you look at pictures of your younger self and wonder where that youthful, rounded face went, then Sculptra is right for you.  You will be amazed how much younger you look simply by replacing your lost collagen.

Fountain of You Medical Spa Offers Sculptra Injections

If you are ready to say goodbye to aging and hello to a healthy, youthful face, then don’t hesitate!  Give us a call or schedule your appointment online now.  Our skilled and compassionate medical spa team looks forward to serving you as we help your outside reflect your inner youth!  Sculptra to the rescue!

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