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The Newest Intense Pulsed Light Therapy from Lumenis

Stella M22 at Fountain of You

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is an effective treatment method in the fight against aging skin. It improves the texture and tone of your skin, treating a variety of skin conditions that can cause you to look older.  Fountain of You is now offering a new IPL called Lumenis Stellar M22.

What Can Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Do for You?

IPL can treat skin issues caused by aging as well as other conditions such as stretch marks and birthmarks.  If you are experiencing any of the following skin conditions due to aging, then IPL may be the right treatment for you.

  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines
  • Minor wrinkles

If you are experiencing any of the following skin conditions due to hormones, pregnancy, or other natural health or skin occurrences, then IPL may be the treatment you need to return your skin to its healthiest appearance.

  • Acne
  • Stretch marks
  • Large pores
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Dark spots due to hormonal changes

IPL is also used as an alternative to laser therapy for hair removal.  IPL has the advantage of treating larger areas at a time.

What Are More Advantages of IPL?

As mentioned, IPL can be used to treat a wide variety of skin issues as well as remove unwanted hair.  IPL also has the advantage of creating a gradual improvement in skin condition, giving you a more natural transition from your current skin to your improved skin.  You may prefer this so that others aren’t aware that you had a “treatment,” but rather they simply notice that your skin looks great!  IPL can also be less painful than laser treatments which is a significant advantage for many people, particularly those who have a lower pain tolerance.

What Is Lumenis Stellar M22?

Lumenis Stellar M22 is the newest device at Fountain of You that is used to administer IPL.  It includes 9 filters and 3 cartridges which are changeable in seconds.  This allows us to treat over 20 skin conditions and administer hair removal.  It is gentle and more comfortable for our patients than other procedures which is one reason we like it.  We are always looking for ways to make our patients as comfortable as possible while still achieving their desired results.

Just in Time for the New Year!

If you have been wanting to brighten up your face, deal with some annoying age spots, or finally attack a scar that has been bothering you for years, then there is no better time than the present.  Fountain of You, with locations in Melbourne, FL and Merritt Island, FL, is staffed with highly-trained nurses and aestheticians, under the expert guidance of Dr. Kim Zipper.  Simply book your appointment today to be a part of the Fountain of You family and begin your anti-aging journey with us today!

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