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Eyebrows manage to say so much about us without ever whispering a word. They provide the framework for our eyes, the windows to the soul. So, what do your eyebrows say about you? An article from Marie Clare even sought the advice of a brow expert who espoused the virtues of all the varying shapes, sizes, and fullness characteristics of a person’s brow. For example, if you have brows that are considered straight across, think Natalie Portman, you are considered to be masculine and assertive in personality. Angled brows show your sensitivity to those around you while thinner brows tend to expose their owner’s sexy side.

Whatever shape your brows are, they say a lot about you. Are you treating them well? Do you spend time filling in your arches or shaping them meticulously each morning? Do you search YouTube and Instagram for tutorials on how to perfect your brows? If so, mircroblading may be the answer for you and we specialize in this procedure here at Fountain of You, Melbourne, FL’s premier anti-aging and aesthetic clinic.

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic solution that frees you from the daily grind of having to fill in and shape your brows. With this procedure, a professional essentially fills the eyebrows in using fine strokes of pigment creating and shaping the brow. The result is incredibly natural looking eyebrows that you do not have to fool with on a daily basis. Wake up feeling and looking refreshed without the hassle of eyebrow pencils, shadows, and creams. Sound appealing?

If Microblading conjures up visuals of pencil thin drawn on eyebrows that can be spotted as clearly fake from a mile away, take heart. Microblading is completely different. Using a hand-held tool that deposits ink just below the surface of the skin, your skin care professional precisely creates shape and structure while filling in your brows. If you are worried that you won’t be satisfied with the look but will be stuck with it forever, you should know that the results typically last between 18 and 24 months depending on skin type and color. After your initial session, you will come back 4 to 6 weeks later for a follow-up procedure for touch up purposes. Your beauty professional will assess the current results and adjust allowing for the perfect brows for you.

Post-procedure you will need to be sure to follow any directions provided to you by our aesthetic experts at Fountain of You. This is to ensure that your brows heal beautifully and that you do not experience any complications. Don’t worry, we will make sure you have everything you need before you leave our offices. We know just how much effort you put into looking and feeling your best. If your brows are a source of concern for you, why not set up a consultation with our office to see if Microblading is right for you. We love helping our clients feel their best, from the inside out. Contact us today.

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