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Could That Margarita Hurt Your Skin?

Could That Margarita Hurt Your Skin?

Melbourne, FL provides attractions for tourists and locals alike all year long. Beautiful beaches with cascading waves and sandy shores make for the perfect locale to sit and enjoy all of the incredible natural wonders that our area has to offer. Summer brings its own delights. Water sports and outdoor activities have no end here on the Space Coast. Whether you prefer long days at the beach or hanging out poolside with friends and family, one thing is certain: many of us enjoy a refreshing cocktail now and again.

One of the most enjoyed adult beverages is the margarita. This tantalizing drink is an all-time favorite and comes prepared many ways. However, there is a dangerous side to this cocktail. There is a condition known as “margarita sunburn” that many know nothing about…until it happens to them. Margarita sunburn occurs when the juice of a lime, left on the skin, reacts with ultra-violet light creating an inflammatory response in the dermis, skin. This condition can flare up around two days post exposure and can be very painful. You could experience painful blisters and red inflamed skin. Some also must deal with dark pigmentation once the blisters are gone. This is usually not painful but can last for quite some time. The symptoms generally clear up on their own over time but can be worrisome. Who knew enjoying a margarita could cause so much stress?

While we are specifically discussing the effects of lime juice and ultra-violet rays on the skin, it should be noted that margarita-burn is a conversational term applying to a specific type of contact dermatitis related to citrus fruits. The medical term is known as phytophotodermatitis. This condition can affect anyone. Phytophotodermatitis refers to an inflammation of the skin, otherwise known as dermatitis, resulting from the interaction of plant botanicals, phyto, with sunlight, photo. Some people are susceptible to this condition and do not know it until it rears its ugly head. Most commonly, it is citrus fruits that are the botanical source. To prevent this type of dermatitis, be sure to wash your hands after handling citrus fruits and before sun exposure.

You take care to apply sunscreen before your outdoor endeavors to prevent skin cancers and premature aging. If you aren’t currently doing so, now is a great time to start by the way. Now that you know about the possible dangers of combining citrus fruits and sunlight, just take a few extra minutes to wash up before enjoying your tasty beverage or fruity meal by the pool.

Fountain of You is committed to your health and well-being. We know that living life to the fullest means having the best information available regarding diet, fitness, and skincare. We want you to enjoy the outdoor life and stay safe! For more great information, visit our Facebook page or contact our office.

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