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Love Your Heart

Love Your Heart

Throughout Brevard County, Fountain of You is known as the premiere anti-aging and aesthetic clinic. We have helped so many from Melbourne to Viera and beyond on their quest to better health and well-being. We offer a full line if aesthetic services including:

While many know that we are the best place for these types of services, did you know that we also offer comprehensive anti-aging services specific to age and gender? We recognize that men and women age differently and are able to create a specific anti-aging regimen for your particular needs. Are you noticing that you don’t have the spark you used to? Are you gaining additional weight around your mid-section with every passing year? If so, please contact our office and let’s work together to get you back on track.

Because we care about the wellness of the whole person, we love to provide our patients with great information to keep them on the path to aging intelligently and with grace. Did you know that approximately 92 million individuals in the United States alone are living with some sort of cardiovascular disease and/or living with the consequences of a previous stroke? According to the latest statistics gathered by the American Heart Association one out of every 3 deaths in America can be attributed to heart disease. Clearly, cardiovascular disease and its effects have become an epidemic for both men and women. But what if you could do things now to slow down or prevent this disease all together? The great news is that you can start healing your heart right now, today! Here are some great ways to get this vital organ back in tip-top shape.

First and foremost, if you are a smoker, stop! Simply eliminating cigarettes will cut your risk of cardiovascular disease and a stroke tremendously. Tobacco Free Florida is a great resource for those wanting to ditch the smokes and make a positive change.

There are several other lifestyle choices you can make to drastically cut your chances of developing heart disease. Stress management is key when it comes to loving yourself and your heart. It has long been known that stress is a factor in developing heart issues and this study aims to prove why this is. Whatever the reasons for your stress, finding an outlet to alleviate the stressors in your life is a great idea. Yoga and meditation work for many individuals while learning proper self-care techniques have helped others. The important thing is to find something that works for you.

Diet and exercise are also crucial components to heart health. Making wise food choices to fuel your body and moving as much as you can are great for your heart and well-being. Again, finding foods and an exercise regimen that you will stick with are key.

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June & July 2024


Medically Supervised Semaglutide & Tirzepatide Weight Loss Program
$599 – 1 month
$100+ savings
Summer Glow Up with Our New Esthetician, Katie Parry ☀️
Reveal healthy, glowing and hydrated skin with this rejuvenating facial that includes both dermaplaning and LED light therapy.
$199 – 60 minutes
ALL Toxins Special
Includes Botox, Daxxify, Dysport, Jeuveau & Xeomin
regularly $11 a Unit
$10 a Unit
The Fountain of You Summer Filler Special
Purchase 3 HA Fillers for $1599
up to $500+ in savings
Laser Hair Special
Purchase a Bikini Session Receive a Complementary Underarm Session
$150 Savings
SKINVIVE Hydrating Microdroplet Injectable
for only $199.00 per syringe
With a purchase of any June or July Special
a savings of $200
Call 321-574-5376 to book or schedule online.
Specials Valid 6/1/24 thru 7/31/24 and may not be banked
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