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Lip Sense: What Your Lips Say About You

Lip Sense

What does your smile say about you? We have all heard that the eyes are the window to the soul, so what to the lips determine? If you ask a physiognomist, a person adept at determining character from appearance, lips reveal much about our inner character. For example, full lips may mean that you are an intense caregiver, while those whose lips have a philtrum (the area above the middle of the upper lip) rounded in nature are considered highly compassionate and kind. This day and age there are cosmetic treatments such as lip fillers that will give you your desired shape and size. The possibilities are endless! However, did you know your lips may be giving you clues about your health as well? What are your lips trying to say? Here are some things to consider when it comes to your pout.

Swollen Tender Lips

If your lips swell (and you aren’t using a plumping agent or just had an injection), you could be experiencing an allergic reaction of some type. A reaction to food, cosmetics, and facial products are often common causes to this type of response. Stop using any products that you suspect could be the culprit and be sure to avoid foods that do the same, too.

Those who suffer from Chron’s disease may have swollen lips as well.

Dried Out Lips

More often than not this is a sign of dehydration, yet another reason why keeping up with your H20 consumption daily is so important. Those of you who have a habit of licking your lips may also experience uncomfortable dry lips as a result. It could also be a result of the toothpaste you are using or the gum you are chewing. Cinnamon is known to dry out the lips and is an ingredient often found in these products.

Lip Color

Lips are usually pinkish in color as a result of the blood vessels which lie just underneath. Healthy blood flow gives your lips that pink hue and is a sign of good health. However, if you notice your lips turning blue it is important to seek help immediately. This is indicative of poor circulation and often indicates a medical emergency.

A change in color might also be the result of anemia so ask your doctor for a blood test to check your iron levels.

Your lips say so much about who you are and can reveal what is going on within as well. If you are not happy the shape of your pout, Fountain of You can help with the best in lip fillers in the Melbourne, FL area, including Viera and all of Brevard County. Contact our office today for more information and to set up a consultation to find the right lip injections for your needs. While you are there, be sure to pick up a free chapstick from us at Fountain of You and snap a few pics of yourself with your lip balm on your travels. Follow us on Instagram @fountainofyouflorida and tag us with your selfie. You could win a FREE filler. Use the hashtags: #chapstick_diaries #lip_journey.

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