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How MD Codes Is Changing the Way We Obtain Desired Results from Fillers

Did you know that you probably need more vials of filler than you initially thought?  It’s not because your wrinkles are worse than you thought!  The strategic placement of more filler is better at achieving the desired results.  This article is going to introduce you to 3 ways that a new method called MD Codes is changing the way anti-aging doctors are viewing fillers.  If you are interested in getting fillers, then read on to learn about this exciting and effective new method.  Then, make your first appointment with us to get started on your anti-aging journey!

MD Codes, developed by Dr. Mauricio de Maio of Brazil, is changing the way we obtain the desired results from fillers in 3 main ways.  Three keys to obtaining the desired results are 1) Placement of fillers, 2) Desired outcome, and 3) Amount of filler.  By following his guidelines, the desired results are achieved.

Dr. Mauricio de Maio is touring the country presenting conferences for anti-aging physicians and explaining his new method for fillers called MD Codes.  Recently, Dr. Zipper and some of the staff from Fountain of You had the unique experience of attending one of his conferences.  They came back excited to apply this method to their patients.  We are going to discuss 3 ways that this new method is having a positive impact on the way aesthetic doctors are viewing and applying fillers.  We believe that applying his method will result in even greater satisfaction for our patients than they had previously experienced with fillers.  Let’s take a look at the 3 keys to obtaining the desired results.

#1  Placement of Fillers is the First Key to Obtaining Desired Results

In the past, a patient may have come into our office asking us to apply a filler to a specific area of the face or even specific wrinkles or lines.  Dr. de Maio has discovered that sometimes to achieve the desired results, the filler should actually be injected in a different area or an additional area than the patient initially thought.  MD Codes shows physicians specific injection points to achieve natural-looking results.  Most patients want to walk out of the office feeling younger-looking or having a more fresh-faced appearance.  Their desire is not usually to walk out with a plastic or unnatural appearance.  That is why proper placement leading to natural-looking results is so important.

#2  Desired Outcome is the Second Key to Obtaining Desired Results

This may sound repetitive, but it is important. Patients often think that their desired outcome is to look younger or to fill in a specific line or wrinkle, but it is the physician’s job to get to the heart of the matter.  What does the patient actually want to obtain as the desired outcome?  Once the physician spends time talking with the patient and examining the patient’s face, the actual answer may be that the patient wishes to look less tired or sad, for example.  Once the physician understands the patient’s true desired result, he or she can follow MD Codes for placement and amount of filler to achieve the desired look based on the patient’s lines and wrinkles.

#3  Amount of Filler is the Third Key to Obtaining Desired Results

Patients may come into the office thinking they know how much filler they want injected based on researching or talking to friends and family who have had fillers.  The truth is everyone is different and, according to MD Codes, most people need more filler than they thought to achieve the desired outcome.  Dr. de Maio generally uses 12-15 syringes per patient.  We believe that if our patients will trust us to do what is best for them, they will truly love their results! 

In Conclusion

Dr. de Maio’s goal is to standardize placement and amount of filler to achieve the desired results based on what the patient wants to FEEL (happier looking, less tired looking, etc.).  He encourages physicians to approach the face as a whole and not just look at “problem areas.”  By taking a holistic approach to the patient’s whole face AND feelings, and following the MD Codes guidelines, patients are happy with their results!

At Fountain of You, Dr. Zipper and the staff are excited to be implementing this new approach to fillers.  We have locations in both Melbourne, FL, and Merritt Island, FL to greater serve our clients.  We are proud to stay at the leading edge of our field offering our patients the best possible care with the best possible outcome!  If you are ready to like how you look AND feel, then please make your appointment today.  New year, new you!

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