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How Can I Have Healthier, Thicker Hair?

Platelet-Rich Plasma For Hair Growth

Have you noticed hair loss, perhaps from COVID or giving birth to a little blessing?  There is a hair system available that can help promote stronger, healthier, denser (thicker) hair!  This article will introduce you to this hair system, tell you what its 3 components are, and tell you where you can find it.  If you are distraught over the current health of your hair, then read on to discover if this hair system is right for you.

Isdin Hair Density system is a 3-part system designed to improve the health and appearance of your hair by promoting stronger, healthier, and denser hair. defines hair density as the number of strands of hair growing out of each square inch of your scalp.  This article will tell you about the Isdin Hair Density system to help you decide if it is right for your hair.

Thinning hair can be very discouraging, particularly for women.  While men can usually pull off the “Mr. Clean” look, most women aren’t too keen on the idea.  Let’s take a look at the 3 parts of the Isdin Hair Density system to see if it can help with your hair concerns. We will also tell you where you can purchase it.

Isdin Hair Density System – Part 1

Isdin Hair Density shampoo is the first part of your arsenal to induce denser hair.  The shampoo contains Biotin and Zinc which may improve hair density and are necessary for hair growth.  These ingredients are particularly helpful if you have a natural deficiency of them. 

Isdin Hair Density System – Part 2

Isdin Hair Density lotion is the second part of the system.  The lotion contains a unique ingredient often associated with helping with memory loss – ginkgo biloba.  No, you cannot absorb it through your scalp to help with memory!  But, it can benefit your hair by protecting it against environmental stress.

Isdin Hair Density System – Part 3

Isdin Hair Density capsules are the third and final part of the system.  The capsules contain D- Biotin and Saw Palmetto, both of which are believed to be helpful to hair. Saw Palmetto is believed to help with hair thinning.

Isdin Hair Density kit is designed to give you stronger, healthier hair in just three months.  If you are frustrated by your thinning hair, then give Isdin a try!  What do you have to lose? More hair, right?  Don’t leave it to chance.  Fight your thinning hair!

Where You Can Get the Isdin Hair Density Kit

Now for the important part – where to actually get the kit!  Fountain of You, located in Melbourne and Merritt Island, is proud to offer this hair-helping system to our clients!  If you were unaware of all that Fountain of You has to offer, then you are missing out on a wonderful resource to help fight aging.  With facials, micro-needling, fillers, the Skin Medica skincare line, and so much more, Fountain of You is the place to go to keep yourself looking and feeling your best!

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