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Hair Removal Myths Debunked

Hair Removal Myths Debunked

Have you ever heard something about body hair that just doesn’t make sense? For instance, pluck one gray hair and two will grow back. What about this one: If you shave your legs your tan will disappear? Never pluck above the brow line. Oh, and one of our favorites, body hair keeps you warm. The list goes on and on and many men and women have fallen victim to believing nothing more than a tall tale. The beauty industry has its share of myths regarding body hair and here at Fountain of You, Melbourne, FL’s premier anti-aging and aesthetic clinic, we know that you cannot make an informed decision about your health and beauty needs without the proper information. We are here to dispel some of these body hair myths once and for all.

Old wives’ tales have been around for hundreds of years and while they may have some speck of truth to them, many are simply folklore passed from one generation to the next seeping in into our vernacular and causing trouble along the way. Maybe you’ve heard that shaving body hair makes it grow back with a vengeance. Once you start shaving, there’s no turning back. You will definitely see hair grow faster and come in darker and thicker…FALSE. Here’s the truth: All sources of thickness and pigmentation are below the surface of the skin. Using a razor blade to remove hair at the SURFACE will not impact the color or thickness because this occurs below the outer layer of the skin. You are safe here. Shaving will not make your hair darker and it cannot make it grow back faster.

Waxing is a hair removal procedure that removes hair from the root. It is not a permanent solution by any means and for most patients, the results last between 3 and 5 weeks. There are those that believe that if you start waxing at a young age, you will have less hair as you age…FALSE. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to predetermine the amount of body hair you will have as an adult while still in your formative years? The reality is, waxing does not determine how much body hair you will have later in life so why bother with the pain and discomfort? Here’s another thing, if waxing is your preferred way to remove unwanted body hair, get ready spend quite a bit of money. A lifetime of waxing can put you out up to $23,000 according to a survey by American Laser Centers. Think of what you could purchase with that amount of money. Is it really worth it?

There are so many myths surrounding hair removal but a solution that lasts isn’t one of them. Permanent hair removal is achievable with laser hair removal in Melbourne, FL by the experts at Fountain of You. Depending on your hair type and needs, a few sessions may be all you need to live a life free from the hassle of hair removal techniques that simply do not last. Your time is valuable and so are you. Why not invest in laser hair treatment in Viera, FL and free yourself from shaving and waxing for the rest of your life? Contact Fountain of You for more information on beauty services ranging from dermal fillers to IPL hair removal and everything in between. We want you to feel confident in the skin you are in.

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