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Cook at Home for Better Health

Cook at home for better health

Fountain of You is Brevard County’s premier anti-aging and aesthetic clinic. We strive to provide our clientele with the best care available. Dr. Kim Zipper is Fellowship Trained in Anti-Aging Medicine and a member of the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine amongst others. Dr. Zipper’s mission is to teach each of her patients how to slow the aging process and prevent disease. After all, we all age, but how we age is up to us. One of the most important things you can do to enjoy longevity and wellness is incorporate a diet rich in nutrient-dense whole foods.

Unfortunately, America is the most obese country in the world. The numbers are absolutely staggering. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over thirty-six percent of Americans are considered obese and that number is projected to increase to fifty-percent by the year 2030. Since 1980, the rate of obesity worldwide has doubled and shows no signs of stopping. We all know that obesity brings with it a host of comorbid conditions like heart disease and diabetes yet it often feels like we are incapable of doing anything about it. We are here to tell you that small changes can equate to big differences in your life. Here’s how.

Here at Fountain of You, we are big proponents of the Paleo lifestyle. We recently did a series of blog posts on the topic. What we love about Paleo is its emphasis on whole unprocessed foods. Foods as close to nature as possible fuel our bodies like nothing else and you can’t find them in a cellophane wrapper at a convenience store. To up your chances of weight loss success and health, one of the best things you can begin to do now is to cook at home.

According to research from Johns Hopkins and the University of Washington, those who cook meals at home tend to eat far less sugar and carbohydrates than those who eat out. People also tend to eat less fat when they cook at home even when weight loss is not a factor. The Seattle Obesity study found that food cooked at home had a higher score on the Healthy Eating Index and those who cooked at home as little as three times a week showed a score of 67 on the scale. This measure was designed to see how nutritious meals are and eating at home ups your chances of fueling your body well as opposed to constantly eating out. Other findings show that those eating at home 6 to 7 nights a week tended to consume fewer calories when they did choose to dine out.

Cooking and eating at home does not have to be overly expensive or complicated. Our next post will cover ways you can learn how to eat at home and love it!

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