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Botox Cosmetic Injection

As the new year approaches, many of us begin to look towards ways to improve ourselves in a multitude of ways. From personal and professional growth to relationships and more, there is nothing like the turn of the calendar to prompt lasting change, often referred to as New Year’s resolutions, So, what are you looking forward to? How did you serve yourself well in the past year? What do you want to change? One thing that many of our clients decide during this time is that they want to take better care of themselves. They want to look the way they fell and for many, this includes the use of Botox Cosmetic. Botox is an incredibly safe way to enhance your natural features. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 7 million people utilized this product in the year 2017. This represents an increase of two percent from the previous year and statists are only trending upwards. Have you tried Botox in Melbourne from Fountain of You? If not, what are you waiting for? The new year is a great time to do something for yourself and Botox is an amazing non-invasive procedure providing incredible results with no downtime.

Because Botox is such a prevalent procedure, it seems as though just about everywhere you look someone is offering injections. You can find it in doctor’s offices and medispas for certain. Perhaps you have even been invited to a party where injections are readily available. However, receiving a cosmetic procedure isn’t like getting your nails done or a new updo. It requires precision and accuracy and should only be performed by a licensed professional. As a patient, you need to protect yourself from unsafe practices and know who and where is appropriate and safe to get injections. It is crucial to your health that you do your research and choose a practitioner wisely. Many have fallen victim to botched injections with faulty products that have lasting detrimental effects. This does not have to be you.

One key reason to choose your Botox provider with care is that your results will be better. Your face is comprised of over 40 different muscles each fine-tuned to create the expressions that give life to your thoughts and speech. Accurate knowledge of anatomy is crucial if you want the best results and only a trained licensed professional can do this for you. Another thing to consider is that when you have your filler injections done by a pro you have someone to turn to when you have questions. When you have injections performed by someone who is casually hanging at a party or setting up a quick flip in a hotel, where do you go when something goes wrong? How can you be sure they know exactly what they are doing?

Safety is of the utmost concern when it comes to injections. Did you know that there are fraudulent products on the market falsely claiming to be actual Botox when in reality they are nothing of the sort? Some people try and pass off expired or contaminated Botox products as well and patients can be easily led astray. A professional aesthetician at Fountain of You of Viera will make sure that you know your product is legitimate. Your health is our primary concern and we will do all we can to ease your mind and make this an easy procedure for you. Faulty injectors or fake products can cause permanent paralysis, excessive swelling and bruising, and even death.

Botox done right will yield incredible results. Please do not assume that just anyone in the medical field or elsewhere is capable of performing this sort of procedure. We would love to assist you here at Fountain of You in Melbourne, FL and answer any questions you may have. However, our primary concern is your safety. If you do not choose our facility, please do your research and find a practitioner that has the experience and competency to do your injections, dermal fillers, or chemical peels for you.

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