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Back by Popular Demand! Jeuveau “Newtox” Wrinkle Relaxer

You asked for it, we answered! If you previously had a Jeuveau treatment and are desiring another, then it’s time to schedule your appointment at Fountain of You! If you are unfamiliar with Jeuveau, then keep reading to see what all the excitement is about!

What Is Jeuveau?

At Fountain of You, we offer a number of injectables. One popular injectable is Jeuveau. Jeuveau is FDA-approved and is used to improve moderate to severe frown lines between the eyes. It has the same active ingredient, botulinum toxin A, as Botox but uses a slightly different formula. The main difference between Jeuveau and other injectables is that the makers of Jeuveau did not seek medical approval. For example, Botox can be used for multiple medical conditions, such as migraines, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), and bladder dysfunction. At this point, Jeuveau is only approved for “frown lines.” So, what is the benefit of Jeuveau over other injectables? Price. Because they did not seek approval for multiple uses, the manufacturers were able to keep the cost down!

Why Would I Need Jeuveau?

If you have moderate to severe frown lines, you may want to consider Jeuveau. Frown lines develop over time from frowning, scowling, or squinting. You may think, “I’m a happy person. I don’t frown or scowl. I won’t get the dreaded frown lines.” Even happy people frown or scowl when concentrating, not necessarily because they are unhappy or mad. And, we all squint in the sun, sometimes even with sunglasses on. Squinting also occurs as we get older and begin to have issues with our eyesight. By the way, if you need reading glasses, get them! They are cuter than frown lines!

If you have tried other injectables and were dissatisfied, you may want to give Jeuveau a try. Sometimes a seemingly minor difference in the formula can make a real difference as everyone’s body reacts differently. Additionally, some people have found that they have developed an “immunity” to other injectables after multiple uses, so you may see more of a difference with Jeuveau.

Fountain of You – Your Local Med Spa

With locations in both Melbourne and Merritt Island, Fountain of You is your local med spa! We offer a boutique-style setting where you will feel welcome and comfortable. Our warm and caring staff will take the time to explain any procedures and answer any of your questions.

This month, Fountain of You is offering a Jeaveau special! Come in for your Jeuveau treatment and pay only $9.50 per unit. Whether you are interested in Jeuveau, a different injectable, or one of our other services, such as laser hair removal, or a chemical peel, we know you will leave feeling refreshed and cared for.

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September 2023


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Juvéderm Family of products NOT included
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3 Syringes for $1399
Merritt Island Location Only
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IPL Facial including Neck & Décolleté
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$9 a Unit
Our Introductory Unit Price
10% Off All Skin Care Including Hair Care Systems
Call 321-574-5376 to book in Melbourne; or 321-208-8446 to book in Merritt Island
Specials Valid thru 9/30/23 and may not be banked
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