Diet and Fitness

Personalized Comprehensive Dietary and Fitness Evaluation and Supervised Individual Fitness Program

While science has provided many advances in achieving youthful exuberance, diet and exercise are still the cornerstone of any fitness regime. At Fountain of You, we can create a personalized fitness program based on your specific exercise ability and body composition that will be both fun and beneficial. Through consistent exercise, you can increase metabolic rates, improve posture and increase your quality of life … not to mention lose unwanted weight.

First, our DEXA Scan performs a full body composition measurement, providing precise information on the mass and distribution of fat, lean muscle and bone. This information helps us design a program targeted to achieve your desired body composition.

Then, for your convenience, we have coordinated exercise programs throughout Brevard designed to meet both your lifestyle and time constraints. Now there is no excuse! We have a fitness center near your home dedicated to helping you be your best.

Expert Nutritional Counseling

Fountain of You believes knowledge is power. We are advocates for your health and look forward to guiding you with the proper nutritional advice to help you reach your goals. We believe in treating the individual, so we understand that one approach does not work for everyone. Our nutritional programs are based on your individual evaluation. We help you align the results of your hormonal findings, exercise program and nutritional supplements with healthy eating choices to meet your needs. As an integral step of your total age management program, we will help you make simple dietary changes for a long-lasting, healthful impact on your mind, body and spirit.