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Our nutritionist comes highly recommended. Betsy Markle is an experienced Registered Dietitian, Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor. She practiced in California over 10 years working with a well known Endocrinologist as well as owning a healthy meal delivery service. Betsy is excited to help you with your wellness journey.

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Betsy’s Specialty Areas:

Weight Loss during Menopause
Adrenal Fatigue & Burnout
GI Issues (Food Intolerances)
Blood Sugar Control (Insulin Resistance)
Sports Nutrition
Menu Planning/Recipes



Detox Program + Follow-up Consultation:

Does your body need a reboot?  Have bad cravings?  Need to drop some pounds?
Betsy provides you with all the needed resources to complete the detox on your own (menu plan, shop list, recipes and detoxifying shake). Then you have a comprehensive follow-up consultation with Betsy to get you geared up for the long haul.
• 9 Day Original Detox (Optimal): You will see the most results on this detox but you will need to give up coffee. And keep us posted about your meds and health issues.
• 7 Day Beginner Detox: This is a milder program that allows 1 cup coffee/day.

3 & 6 Month Weight Loss Packages:

Weight loss is easy when you have a personalized and realistic plan to boost your metabolism. With Betsy’s program, you will gain control of your daily habits and feel amazing.
• Comprehensive initial consultation, monthly follow-up’s, & weekly check-in’s
• Personalized menu plan
• Nutrition, exercise, stress and supplement recommendations
• Wellness organizer with food shopping list, prep ideas, recipes & food logs
• Betsy’s step-by-step nutrition workbook
• Body scans to evaluate true progress
• Support & Accountability along the way